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Hi! I'm Kaci!

I am an evidential healer and channel who focuses on guiding people to rewrite their story by helping them step outside of the box they have put themselves into!

As someone who has done the exact same thing, I know a thing or two about healing our frustrations and limiting belief systems. Utilizing my connection with Spirit and loved ones, I channel information to help you remove the fears that holds you back from living the life you are meant too.

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I am in love with a good cup of hot tea, Asian food, and anything Harry Potter. I am known to rescue anything with a set of legs and has fur. And if I am being honest, I am slightly obsessed with personal growth and development. My obsession with the last lead me down a path of healing and transformation in my own life. 

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So often times we limit ourselves by our own fears. Whether it is the fear of familiarity or for our own safety, it’s important to know that it is common and that it is possible to open your heart to new possibilities! The key is having the right framework! 

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Whether it is learning how to hone your gifts, or gaining tools to find contentment and fulfillment, I offer both online and in-person classes and courses. 

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