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Free Workshop

Beyond Limits

Rapid Goal Achievement Through Belief Transformation & Spiritual Connection

This class is no longer available. Please click below to view the recording.

This workshop

may be for you if:

You’re thriving in many areas of your life, but there’s one aspect lagging behind, impacting your overall fulfillment and success

You feel isolated and disconnected to the people and world around you

You are a well-trained chameleon who can disguise what happiness and even confidence looks like to the outside world, but inside you feel isolated, lonely and hopeless

You desperately pray and ask for signs but can’t see them

You question your intuition, as you think yours must be broken

In this workshop

You will learn:

Beyond Limits Workshop 1

Energy Leaks & the Impact From Limiting Beliefs

Understanding where you are losing energy is key when it comes to our limiting belief systems. Here, we take inventory on where we lose energy and momentum towards our goals.

Beyond Limits Workshop 2

Pro tips to use your intuition as guidance

Understanding when your intuition is speaking versus you (our ego voice) is speaking is crucial. I will show you how I follow my own 'bread crumbs' to keep me moving toward the goals I want to achieve.

Beyond Limits Workshop 3

Setting intentions in alignment with your dreams & Goals

Understanding how to set intentions that aren't rooted in fear is key to obtaining our goals. Here, we get clear on what our intentions are, and we come to understand if these intentions are in alignment with our authentic selves, without fear getting in the way.

Show Up Live and Receive this


An interactive workbook that walks you through step-by-step on how to apply this to your everyday life.

Embracing the Journey

You know you are ready when:

You are ready to align all areas of your life with ease

You want to feel safe, supported and connected

You want to feel confident and own all parts of you without trying to blend in

Your heart and soul is telling you that there is more than the limited box you are living within

You want to be able to trust, follow, and listen to your intuition

Your Guide


Hi! I’m Kaci! I am a Healer/Channel and Transformation guide that thrives on healing aspects of the soul. My speciality is helping people step outside of the box they put themselves into. As a child, I have always seen, felt, and heard Spirit. I am excited to be the vessel that gets to carry your messages. Thank you for entrusting me with your healing.