FREE Beyond Limits Workshop

A one-hour workshop dedicated to healing the limiting beliefs that keep us small. April 2nd & 3rd. Click the title to join!

Rewrite Tomorrow

A 4-week program geared towards healing limiting beliefs on a sub-conscious level so we can create a reality we WANT to live in. During this program, we will dive deep into shadow work. We will work with your inner-child to discover who you were BEFORE you were programmed and how to REWIRE your thoughts so you can live the way you are MEANT too. Class starts April 22nd, 2024

Heart Centered

Expanding Your Intuition

A class geared to honing your intuition. Here we learn how to understand signs, synchronicities, and how to connect within and with others. Join the waitlist to join the next class!


If you are looking to grow your channeling capability, this four-week, private mentorship will help you do just that. During this time I will evaluate your gifts, teach you some of the most valuable insights I have learned while doing this, and give you homework assignments. You will also be practicing on people with me channeling along side you!