Expanding Your Intuition

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Expanding Your Intuition (In Person)

A Beginners Class to Develop Your Senses

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When I had my spiritual awakening, I questioned everything. Whether it was my religion, my food, the way I was doing things, you name it, I questioned it. I had a deep connection to animals and nature. It was there that I finally felt understood. My energy had began changing and I didn’t understand what was happening. All I knew was I was on the hunt for more answers, more clarity. 

Whether you are having an awakening or simply wanting to grow you intuition, this beginners class was everything I didn’t have when I got my start. It is my belief that everyone has intuition and we are all infinitely connected. It’s time to instill these God-given gifts back into our systems and reintegrate. 

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What You'll Learn


Basic Energy Principals


How to utlize your inner senses


Understanding the difference between your voice & your intuition


Reading & understanding Energy

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What's Included?

the how

You will begin to understand how your intuition works within your physical, emotional and mental body.

Understanding ego

You will understand the difference between your ‘ego’ voice  and your actual intuition.

Reading energy

You will learn how to read your energy, as well as others.

intuition & daily life

You will learn how to make decisions based off your intuition with the highest good of all, allowing you to find alignment within.

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What You Will Learn

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The class maybe the class for you if:

Hear the Success Stories From my past students...

Amy G

Amy G.

It was fun and intriguing…I certainly recommend for anyone who is even a little curious

Sirka D.

This class gets a big “thumbs up” recommendation from me! I have a much better understanding of the subject matter and will not doubt myself quite as much. Just signing up for an online class was a big stretch for me! Bonus was meeting some great classmates who really rocked it and having a chance to reconnect with Kaci Davignon . Kaci, you did a great job teaching and directing us through. Thank you for making this opportunity available.

Lizann S.

It was eye opening and so cool!!


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Expanding Your Intuition

$ 222
  • Basic Energy Principals
  • How to Utilize Your Inner Senses
  • Understanding the difference between Your Intuition & Your Voice
  • Reading & Understanding Energy
  • Practice Amongst Your Peers

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This class will be limited to 20 students.

The next class will be held online and will also have limited participants. You can join the waitlist here.

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