Beyond Limits

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Rewrite Tomorrow

Step out of the limitations that you have put onto yourself and into the fun, purposeful life you imagined as a child. You deserve more than to just function. You deserve to live a life of purpose and one of excitement! It’s time to heal your heart space, raise your vibrational frequency and manifest a new way of living. It’s time to rewrite your tomorrow! 


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Tools I learned and implemented so I could 

Build a new future

For years I was burning the candle at both ends. I had this idea that if I worked harder, good things will come. (That’s the Midwest way, right?) 

As time went on, I got more and more tired, unfulfilled, and exhausted. I was mentally, emotionally, and physically burnt out-until I found a system that walked me out of these destructive patterns.

When I started leaning into the work, I got the opportunity to challenge and rewire my old belief systems. I opened my heart and created a life worth living. 

I honed in on the tools I was taught and the homework my Spirit team gave me. When I did, I went from A-Z without understanding how. 

I was able to have a quantum leap skipping all of those in-between steps. I healed my heart space, raised my vibrational frequency and manifested a whole new way of living. I rewrote my tomorrow.

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Build a new future

The Soul Transformation Method


Stuck & Unfulfilled

Get the tools to lean into our fears. Transmute our emotions. Understand how these show up in our everyday lives, limiting ourselves along the way.


Creating a Flow

Apply  boundaries for ourselves and others. Recognize emotional triggers. Use triggers as a compass to what fears you need to heal. Decide if current belief systems still serves you or limits you.


Enjoy Life

Apply those boundaries created. Recognize oncoming emotional triggers and have a plan of action towards healing. Raise your vibrational frequency, so you can start enjoying life.

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What's Included in this three month program?

Soul work & Manifestation

Understand the connection between growth, healing and manifestation by raising the vibrational frequency of your energetic and physical body. 

Awareness & Intention

Understand your energetic and physical body to break cycles and create movement in the dreams you want to achieve in the present and in the future. Here you work with your inner child to define who you were before you were programmed with limitations and beliefs.

Healing Framework – Feel

Become aware of our bodies and or desires, and utilize our emotions and past behaviors as a compass. Become in touch and in alignment with your inner child, as you figure out who you were before you were conditioned to belief systems that do not serve you of the highest good.

Healing Framework: Deal

Define your limiting beliefs through perception work, while creating and implementing a proactive process to deal with challenges, rather than react. Identify what areas of your life you are not authentic to you, so you can release and raise your vibrational frequency.

Healing Framework – Heal

Learn to utilize your heart center as an area to heal and create the reality you want around you in the present tense and future. Gain tools and homework from your Spirit team via group soul reading by Kaci so you can have the tools to continue to heal and expand.

Utilizing Intuition

Become aware of when your intuition is giving you signs and signals, so you tap into it when you need to become in alignment with your goals, dreams and intentions. You will gain confidence and trust within this system to distinguish your voice of fear and that of intuition from within.

Get the Juicy Bonuses...

Heart Centered

Soul Healing Session

Valued at $111, 20 minute soul healing focusing on alignment in how you can move forward. Here, I work with your spirit team and/or loved ones to discover where energy is blocked and give you actionable homework to move forward.
Book during live Beyond Limits Workshop and you are in!

Shift Your Energy

Shifting Energy

Understanding how clutter impacts your energy is key to transformation both internally and externally.
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3 month Group Program

$ 555
  • Bi-Weekly Live sessions & Coaching
  • Interactive exercises & meditations
  • Group Soul Reading
  • Access to Members only Facebook group community

The FAQ's

Currently, class size is limited to 1o participants.

The next class will kick off April 22nd, 2024. Time will be announced soon. All sessions will be recorded.

Yes, of course! Click on the link, and it will give you options.

Come as you are. Be sure to have an intention you want to work towards.

If you come and within the first seven days, this isn’t your cup of tea, hop on a 15-minute call with me (Kaci) so I can understand why it’s not a good fit. I will always treat you like a human and I WANT you to be in a program where you believe you can get results.

Meet your

Spiritual teacher & Guide

Hi! I’m Kaci Davignon. I am a healer/channel who specializes in helping people heal. Whether it is through grief, personal development, you name it-I use my God-given gift to connect in to our Spirit Team and loved ones for guidance in efforts to provide tools for you to begin your journey of healing.

As someone who has struggled first-hand with mindset, I understand how our belief systems dictate our realities. I have self-sabotaged relationships and opportunities because of the amount of fear that was radiating throughout my body. I let my lack of self confidence and my insecurity run the show for far too long in my life.

I have lived the life of misery, where being busy is worn as a badge of honor and burnout is a sign of ‘loyalty’ within a company. I believe whole-heartedly in working hard, but I believe that rest and being in a state of joy has the ability to catapult us to new levels.

Healing and opening my heart is transformed my life. I went from a constant state of worry to what if things won’t go right, to what if they do? I became a much more present and loving mom and partner, and I get to live out my life with happiness and a sense of fulfillment, as I live out my life’s purpose.

Still got questions? Let’s talk!